You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the animal hidden in Sahara scene

HIDDEN in a tranquil Saharan nature scene is a wild animal, but you’ll need perfect vision to spot it on your first look.

Even if you study the photo for a long time, you might not spot the animal tucked away in the wilderness, as plenty of TikTok viewers learned during their own attempts to see the hidden image.

A TikTok user with the handle TheFamily_Guy1 shared a challenging photo brainteaser


A TikTok user with the handle TheFamily_Guy1 shared a challenging photo brainteaserCredit: TikTok

The baffling photo was shared to TikTok by a user with the handle TheFamily_Guy1. His viewers gladly stepped up to the challenge when he presented it.

In the comments section, a few viewers guessed at the species of the animal, hoping they could narrow down and figure out what they were looking for.

Several commenters insisted they saw a zebra hidden in the tall grass of the photograph.

“No zebra,” a different viewer weighed in. “Where is that anyone?”

That viewer said the animal was definitely a member of the big cat family, and some agreed.

“Tiger, bro. That was easy,” wrote one commenter, seemingly drawing criticism from others.

Another viewer wrote that she saw a jaguar, and paired her claim with plenty of mocking laughing emojis.

Overall, the comments section seemed equally divided: almost half of the commenters who said they saw a big cat insisted they saw a tiger.

An equal amount saw a jaguar instead, and a few were completely undecided.

Still, a few viewers gloated that they found the animal right away, with one saying they were “ecstatic,” the photo stumped many, driving the online commentary.

While some were successful others were wildly incorrect, and very frustrated.

“You won’t be able to do this,” the TikTok user insisted at the start of the video.

An animal is hidden in the photo, the TikTok user explained, but it’s camouflaged within the landscape. The mischievous poster didn’t provide any hints or tips to find it, either.

“It’s almost impossible,” he warned, grinning wickedly and challenging viewers to share in the comments whether they could solve the puzzle.

If you still haven’t found the animal yourself, here’s a hint: it’s definitely a big cat.

The figure is a sandy, golden color, and it’s hidden in the tall grass at the front right of the photo.

Were you able to spot it? Check the solution below and see if your guess was correct.

Were you able to spot the hidden animal in the picture?


Were you able to spot the hidden animal in the picture?Credit: TikTok

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