What is the meaning of ‘rainbow kiss’ on TikTok as users regret looking it up?

After the disturbing ‘vabbing’ trend, the ‘rainbow kiss’ has taken over TikTok. But, what is its meaning and why are some users disgusted by it?

The video-sharing platform is notorious for trending viral challenges that are often beyond one’s understanding.

While the much-talked-about ‘rainbow kiss’ trend has existed for a long time, many users on TikTok are only just learning about it. If you’re still curious to know its meaning, we have explained it below.

Continue reading at your own risk as the content beyond this point may not be suitable for all users.

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What is a ‘rainbow kiss’?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘rainbow kss’ is a sexual act between two partners that involves cunnilingus on a menstruating female, followed by orally swapping semen and other secretions.

Its exact origin is unknown, but Dr. Wensasha Jenkins Hall told Cosmopolitan that the trend could have evolved from the old-fashioned period sex.

Wondering what the purpose of this practice is and why would anyone do it? Co-founder of Velvet Co., Danyell Fima explains: “A rainbow kiss is a great way for everyone to enjoy the few minutes of cathartic bliss right after you both orgasm. Consider that the goal.”

Salem’s Lot | Official Trailer



Salem’s Lot | Official Trailer





TikTok users regret looking up its meaning

TikTok users believe they could have lived without knowing the meaning of the rather unconventional trend as it is taking over the platform once again.

Several users have warned others to not look it up on Google.

Responding to a video on rainbow kiss, one user wrote: “I should have minded my business.”

Adding to the above comment, another said: “I’m not gonna search that up because I get scared easily ..”

“Pls plss don’t try to search for its meaning. I wish I never saw it,” wrote another disturbed user.

Another commented: “I JUST LOOKED IT UP I SHOULDN’T HAVE.”

Is the practice safe?

Even though some find this act pleasurable, it is important to note that the exchange of bodily fluids come with risks.

The semen and period blood can carry a range of infections. These could also include serious diseases like HIV, Syphilis, and hepatitis.

So, experts suggest the safest way to indulge in the act, if you want to do so, is by doing it with a person you trust and who is willing to take all the safety precautions.

Running tests for any kind of STIs can further eliminate the risk factor.

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