The song Britney Spears released when pregnant with her first son

Britney Spears is expecting her third child and fans couldn’t be happier.

The singer shared the good news on Monday, April 11, via Instagram. Her baby daddy is Sam Asghari, to whom she has been engaged since September 2021.

Britney is becoming a mother again after a long break. The last time she gave birth was when she welcomed her second son, Jayden, in 2006.

When she was pregnant with her first son, Sean, she even released a song.

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What song did pregnant Britney Spears release in 2005?

Britney had her first son, Sean, in September 2005.

Exactly a month before he was born, she released her song Someday (I Will Understand).

The song came out on August 18, 2005, a year after she announced her engagement to dancer, Kevin Federline.

Produced by Guy Sigsworth, Britney wrote the song before she knew she was pregnant with her first child. However, the song navigates through the emotions of a pregnant woman.

You can find the complete lyrics on Genius.

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Singer announces third pregnancy

Britney seems to have planned her third pregnancy very well.

In her Instagram post, the singer revealed that she wouldn’t be stepping out as much “due to paps getting their money” by taking pictures of the pregnant singer.

She also opened up about struggles with perinatal depression during her previous pregnancies, emphasizing the importance of its awareness.

The singer further said she would be doing yoga every day during the course of her pregnancy to retain good health.

And, she even addressed the idea of having twins by saying: “If two are in there … I might just lose it.”

The Dry | Official Trailer | BritBox



The Dry | Official Trailer | BritBox





Fans defend Britney after trolls brought up her age

40-year-old Britney’s age, sadly, is being pointed out by some people on Twitter after she shared the news about her pregnancy.

However, her fans have shut down trolls for questioning the singer’s pregnancy at 40 and wished her a healthy and happy journey ahead.

“Britney Spears is pregnant, & even tho she’s like 40 I’m happy for her cause she deserves this since she can’t get the last 12 years of her life back,” one fan wrote.

Another tweet defending her read: “OMG people making such a big deal cause Britney Spears is pregnant at 40.. why?? Men have kids up in their 90s and people don’t see any issue. Lucille Ball didn’t get pregnant until she was 40 with her first child. People, really?”

“What we’re not going to have today is grown men do think pieces on Britney Spears being pregnant at 40. The woman has gotten out of an awful conservatorship where every bit of her life was controlled, she’s finally living the life she deserves. Be happy or say nothing at all,” said one fan.

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