The cost of a Super Bowl ad revealed ahead of 2022 game

If you want to advertise your product, there is no better way to do so than during Super Bowl – but just what is the cost of an ad for the 2022 game?

With the eyes of millions not watching anything else – and a global audience all tuned in, if you are trying to shift a product – there is no better time to do it than through at ad during Super Bowl.

With twice as many eyeballs as people watching – and consuming it lots of different ways – an ad during Super Bowl is true primetime to get your product noticed.

Whether it be a film, vehicle, song/album or anything in-between, get an ad during the Championship game and people will talk about it.

The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium – but just what is the cost for an ad during the Super Bowl?

How much can broadcasters NBC expect to rake in?

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Super Bowl ad cost

For those prized 30 seconds of ad time during Super Bowl, and advertisers can expect to exchange a hefty chunk of change for the privilege.

As per CNN, the cost of a Super Bowl ad for the 2022 game is around the $7 million mark.

Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress | Official Trailer | Peacock Original



Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress | Official Trailer | Peacock Original





Per second, that works out $233,333.33 – or about a quarter of a million dollars.

That’s nearly fives the average US salary of around $50k!

In total, there are about 70 ad slots for the Super Bowl – and an expert told CNN that he expects the total cost to be in the region of $500 million.

Memorable ads

In the past, big names such as Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and McDonalds have all parted with their cash to secure a Super Bowl ad.

In 1993, to advertise its burgers, McDonalds roped in Larry Bird and Michael Jordan as the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills took to the Super Bowl arena.

A minute long, Bird challenged MJ to making baskets, with the loser having to watch the winner eat the Big Mac and Fries.

The two started off conventional, before getting ever-more audacious with their efforts.

It ended with MJ and Bird on top of a high rise building, the Chicago Bulls star telling his great rival how he was going to score the basket.

It was never revealed who actually won – although the Cowboys thumped the Bills 52-17.

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