Squid Game Ddakji game explained as season 2 confirmed

Netflix confirmed Squid Game has been renewed for a season 2 and it looks like everyone’s favourite card flipping game, Ddakji will be back.

Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead

Squid Game was a hit from the moment it hit the streaming site in 2021, it and it was confirmed on June 12 that the show would be returning for season 2, when the writer and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, wrote a letter to fans saying: “It took 12 years to bring the first season of Squid Game to life last year. But it took 12 days for Squid Game to become the most popular Netflix series ever.”

Ddakji hints at brutal games

Season 1 followed the story of Gi-hun going through a series of deadly games – based on Korean children’s playground games – where contestants who lose are killed. Gi-hun is initially lured into taking part after he comes across the man in the suit with a game of Ddakji.

When the man in the suit wins a round of the game, he slaps Gi-hun in the face and when Gi-hun wins he can slap the man – seems simple enough?

But one thing viewers never expected was the moment Gi-hun plays Ddakji again that it would be the first inclination to just how brutal the games would be.

The letter to fans from the official Squid Games Twitter account not only confirmed Gi-hun would be back for the second season but also hinted the man in the suit would reappear – well, we did see him trying to recruit new players at the end of season 1, after all.

Ddakji explained

Ddakji is a game from South Korea, often played by children, where folded pieces of paper are flipped. The aim of the game is for one player to get the other player’s paper tile to flip over on the floor. Of course, children don’t normally slap each other if they lose or win a round they just get to keep the other person’s tile.

To play Ddakji you need paper, preferrable sheets of origami or construction paper. The paper must be then folded into thirds.

Gong Yoo/man in the suit in Squid Game/ Credit: Netflix

After this, you fold the left corner up and the right corner down. This is then repeated on another piece of paper.

Then, join the two pieces together in the flat centre, and then fold the flaps together until it makes one total square shape. Again, you repeat this over and over until you have enough paper tiles to play with.

To play one player throws one of their tiles as hard as they can at the other player’s tile in an attempt to flip it over on the floor. If it flips over that person wins the round. It’s kind of similar to pogs played in the 90s.

In other news, Squid Game Ddakji game explained as season 2 confirmed

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