Single’s Inferno Song Ji-A returns to Instagram after break involving her scandal

Song Ji-A, best known for her popularity on Netflix’s reality dating show, Single’s Inferno, has returned to social media after taking a five-month break due to a controversy involving fake luxury items.

Best known as Song Ji-A, fans know her as FreeZia. Before joining the South Korean reality dating show, she had already grown a large following on her YouTube channel, where she would regularly post videos of her lifestyle.

Ji-A rose to fame on South Korea’s first dating show, Single’s Inferno. Viewers fell in love with her persona, but right after the series had ended, she was facing a controversy regarding some of her “luxurious items”.

The return of Song Ji-A after a 5-month break

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On June 2, Song Ji-A welcomed the month of June and broke her social media hiatus. She uploaded her first post since February 2022.

Translated by All Kpop, Ji-A updated her 3.3 million Instagram followers with a picture of herself. Looking unrecognisable ever since Single’s Inferno ended, she captioned it: “Thanks to everyone who supported me. I’ve been well. How have you been?”

The picture has gathered almost a million likes, marking the start of a fresh beginning for the reality TV star. Fans of the reality star left messages as they were excited to see her back.

Her fame skyrocketed but soon enough got “cancelled” by the internet

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During her time in Single’s Inferno, the native South Korean gained a lot of popularity among the contestants but also among the public, who fell in love with her cold-yet-attractive attitude.

While being praised for setting her boundaries and her ability to have three guys fighting for her until the end of the show, viewers couldn’t keep their eyes off her expensive wardrobe and fashion style despite being stranded on an island.

However, netizens were starting to find out that the clothes that Ji-A wore during the reality series were not original. Many posts comparing her clothes with other famous celebrities such as BLACKPINK’s Jennie surfaced online. Ji-A faced a lot of backlashes online and got “cancelled” by the internet.

Days later, the 25-year-old YouTuber posted a handwritten apology letter to her fans. She announced that she would be taking a break from social media “to reflect on her actions.” Hours later, all of her YouTube videos and Instagram photos were no longer available to the public.

Ji-A donates $16,000 to charity during her hiatus

Although she has been out of the spotlight, she has been doing some good deeds around her community. Earlier in March, Ji-A donated ₩ 20 Million (which equivalates to $16,000 approximately) to victims of forest fires in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

As reported by G Star Live, she made her donation through Korea’s Red Cross. Netizens were touched to hear the news as the Red Cross announced the donation themselves.

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