PS Plus May 2022 Free Games Countdown and final PS4 and PS5 download dates

The new PS Plus May 2022 free games arrive in less than 48-hours time, providing another three titles to add to your library.

And with that in mind, there is only a short window left to grab all the April games, including Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, and Slay the Spire.

Here are the dates and times you can expect to find the latest PlayStation Plus games available to download on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

PS5 Console Covers



PS5 Console Covers





PS Plus May 2022 Free Games Countdown

According to past launch schedules used by Sony, the next PlayStation Plus free games will release on Tuesday, May 3, at around 5pm GMT. This is the usual time for the PlayStation Store to refresh with new content, so fans are expecting to see FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods to become free downloads at the same time.

For PlayStation subscribers in North America, this will mean checking the store after 9am PDT on the same day. The good news is that all of the above titles can be downloaded across both generations of consoles. So no matter if you own a PS4 or have been lucky enough to have bought a PS5, you will get the same library to choose from. And that is something that is happening less often, with Sony regularly choosing to offer exclusive PlayStation 5 content.

Sony has also confirmed that the PlayStation Plus Collection is also seeing some changes later this week, with Persona 5 scheduled to leave the PS Plus Collection on May 11. The Collection is exclusive to PlayStation 5 consoles, although PS4 owners can log into the PlayStation Website to add them to their library for when they do decide to upgrade to next-gen. Later this month will also see Sony start to roll out its new subscription service tiers in some regions, starting with Asia markets (excluding Japan) on May 23, followed by Japan June 1, the Americas on June 13, and Europe on June 22, 2022.

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