Prince Harry, Meghan Markle gave royal fan ‘goosebumps’ during their wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle oozed with chemistry during their 2018 wedding, according to a journalist who said they gave her goosebumps.

Royal reporter Camilla Tominey reflected on her experience covering the royal wedding for NBC in a video for The Telegraph. She called the wedding as “a kind of the culmination of quite a few years’ work” in the sense that she was the one who broke the story of their relationship in the first place.

“So it was October 2016 when I managed to glean that Harry was going out with this woman called Meghan Markle who was an American actress, and that was quite a significant scoop for me and for the newspaper. And then to see it evolve into this extremely serious relationship that then led to marriage at Windsor Castle obviously sort of completed the circle of that particular relationship with Prince Harry,” she said.