My Chemical Romance release first song in eight years and fans lose it

My Chemical Romance has released their first song in eight years and fans are, rightly, losing it over the six-minute ‘absolute banger’.

Fans of the band have officially re-entered their emo phase as MCR dropped the surprise track, ‘The Foundations of Decay’, today (Friday, May 13) just as they get ready to embark on their reunion tour.

‘The Foundations of Decay’

The song – which is the band’s first offering since 2014’s ‘Fake Your Death’ – takes listeners to an almost vintage-MCR feel with its emo-rock rifts, transporting fans back to the ’00s.

The band released one last single in 2014, on their greatest hits album, after they announced they were disbanding in 2013. In the autumn of 2019, the four-piece reunited and released plans for their reunion tour.

However, as with everything around the world, things came to a standstill when the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 and their touring plans were put on hold. They rescheduled touring for 2021 but due to COVID, again, they had to push it back and now they’re set to start their UK and European tour next week, in Cornwall. Their North American leg will begin on August 20, in Oklahoma City.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine the band, even though reunited, had actually said they were going to release new music, but Gerrard Way – the lead singer, did say he’d written new music.

House of the Dragon | Official Teaser Trailer | Sky

Fans lose it

Fans have officially lost it since the song dropped and it’s now racked up over 899,000 views on YouTube. MCR has been welcomed back with open arms, with one person commenting on the video site they were ‘glad’ to be wrong in thinking they wouldn’t hear a new song by the band after they broke up initially.

They wrote: “I remember listening to “Fake Your Death” in 2013 and thinking to myself “I need to savor [sic] this moment because I’ll never hear a new MCR song for the first time ever again.” I’m so glad I was wrong. Welcome back.”

Others have taken to Twitter to express their excitement over the release, one even saying they’re once again ‘reaching for eyeliner’ and another dubbed it an ‘absolute banger’.

In other news, My Chemical Romance release first song in eight years and fans lose it

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