Meat Loaf dead at 74

Whole SALMON proposal

In the late 1970s, The rocker, born Marvin Lee Aday, married his first wife Leslie Aday, a secretary at the Bearsville Records studio, where Meat Loaf recorded his album Bat out of Hell.

Musician Todd Rundgren recalled Meat Loaf’s “special” proposal to Aday at a local cafe in Bearsville, New York.

“One of the things I look most fondly on is unrelated actually to the record. It was Meat Loaf proposing to his wife,” Rundgren told Billboard.

“We were up in Bearsville, there was a secretary at Bearsville Records, Leslie, and Meat Loaf kind of fell for her. She was a pretty girl, and he fell for her, and I remember when he kind of like did his first big move on her.”

The former Utopia band member continued: “We were in the Bear Cafe and he had a package that he had brought up from New York and presented it to her, and it was a giant whole salmon.

“And it was as if a bear had proposed to his mate. Instead of a ring, a salmon.”

Meat Loaf’s bizarre courtship worked as the two were married within a month and the rocker adopted his new wife’s daughter, Pearl.

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