Kardashian fans think Pete Davidson got a SPRAY TAN as he keeps up with girlfriend Kim’s rigorous beauty regimen

PETE Davidson has been accused of using a spray tan in an attempt to “keep up” with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Fans suggest that the SNL standout may have started to feel the pressure after red carpet photos of the couple surfaced from over the weekend.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents Dinner


Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents Dinner
Pete and Kim exchange looks as the pair pose along the red carpet


Pete and Kim exchange looks as the pair pose along the red carpetCredit: AFP

Pete, 28, and Kim, 41 , attended the annual White House Correspondents Dinner this past Saturday.

Photographers captured the “it couple” posing outside the Washington Hilton Hotel.

Kim worn a shimmering silver floor length gown while Pete looked dapper in a jet-black velvet tuxedo.

In classic stoner-style, Pete donned black and white Vans to pair with his formal attire.

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Fans also noticed him sporting a somewhat “bronzy-er” skin tone.

One in particular, TikToker Gaymanwithaspraytan, called Pete out on using the pneumatic powered shortcut.

The self named spray-tan community trailblazer stated he had “beef” with Pete after the latter’s comments regarding pop star Ariana Grande’s application of the spray on bronzer.

The comments he’s referring to come from the Netflix stand-up special Pete Davidson: Alive from New York.

In it Pete riffed on his relationship with ex-girlfriend Grande and referenced her, then recent, Vogue interview in which she called the comedian a “distraction”.

In response, Pete stated that “[his] career would be over tomorrow if I spray painted [him]self brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine”.

Beef aside, the TikToker did have to admit that this is the “hottest Pete Davidson has ever looked”

Though the fully credited the “spray tan”.

Kardashian fans weighed in on the Actor’s change in hue in the comments.

A follower commented: “He looks more healthy with a spray tan”

Another stated, “he looks so good w/a tan”.

An excited commenter thanked the TikToker for bringing Pete’s new tan to light: “I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO CALL HIM OUT THANK YOUUUUUUUU”.

One worried Pete fan wrote “she’s trying to change him”.

Fresh Ink

Pete’s spray tan isn’t the only skin deep alteration that has fans talking.

The SNL star has recently added a number of tattoos to his bodily canvas to honor his new relationship.

In an Ellen Show interview, the Kardashians star spoke freely about Pete’s new ink.

Ellen, 64, mentioned that, in a now famous shirtless photo of Pete, she and her fans noticed “Kim” tattooed on his chested.

The mother-of-four responded that: “he has a few tattoos. A few cute ones”.

She then continued: “I think my favorite one, it says here, ‘My girl is a lawyer,'” she added while pointing to her collarbone.

It’s a touching tribute to Kim for passing the bar exam in December of last year after having struggled to pass in previous attempts.

While some may considered these permeant tributes to be rush the tattoo causing the most drama is the one spotted while Pete was leaving the Henry Fonda Theatre.

The comedian was there finishing his standup for the Netflix is a Joke festival.

Followers noticed a tattoo on Pete’s neck that simply reads: “KNSCP”.

KNSCP is the first initials of girlfriend Kim and her children in order of oldest, North, to the youngest Psalm.

Children that that reality star shares with rapper and designer Kanye West.

Reactions for the neck tattoo soon poured in as one fan wrote: “I’m hoping very hard this tattoo thing isn’t true. Feels wrong.”

Another stated: “I think he looks immature and unkept with his tattoo. What a weirdo!”

TikToker gaymanwithaspraytan calls out Pete


TikToker gaymanwithaspraytan calls out PeteCredit: TikTok
Pete commented on Ariana Grande's Vogue cover


Pete commented on Ariana Grande’s Vogue coverCredit: TikTok
Pete Davidson is accused by fans of using spray tan to achieve bronze look


Pete Davidson is accused by fans of using spray tan to achieve bronze lookCredit: The Mega Agency

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