I’m a gardening whizz, the six plants to grow in your garden to banish mosquitoes

MOST of love nothing more than lounging in our gardens in the summer, but if you’re prone to nasty mosquito bites you might think twice about venturing outside.

But if you want to enjoy a garden party or two, or even a summer snooze in the sun, there’s a simple way to keep the mosquitos at bay.

Lavender smells great and Mosquitos hate it so it's perfect for your garden


Lavender smells great and Mosquitos hate it so it’s perfect for your gardenCredit: Getty

According to the pros at The Mosquito Company you can help minimise the number of mosquitos in your garden by planting some common herbs.

The pros explained: “Mosquito repellent plants are quite functional if placed near the region where you want to repel mosquitoes.

“You can station these plants on places like your window, doors, walkways, dining areas, and seating areas.”


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This tasty plant might be perfect for adding to pizza and pasta dishes but it also works well to keep mosquitos at bay.

According to the pros: “This plant is harmful to the larvae of mosquitoes, so you can place this plant close to stagnant water to stop mosquitoes from laying their eggs.”


Not only can this plant steer mosquitos clear of your garden, but you can also use the leaves from it to relieve any bites that you already have.

Just be careful that it doesn’t take over your garden, according to the experts this plant can easily become unmanageable if not monitored.


Lemongrass a perfect choice to add to your garden if you want to keep pesky mosquitos away, this is because of the high level of citral, they contain.

Citral is “an oil that is amongst the primary constituents of mosquito repellents,” so works like a dream.


This pretty plant works wonders when it comes banishing mosquitos from your outdoor space.

The calming scent is great for crating a relaxing vibe in your garden, but what’s even better is it’s a natural repellent for mosquitos.


The pros say: “The powerful scent that this plant gives off conceals the smell of various attractants (such as the smell of carbon dioxide).

“This plant is quite easy to maintain; this denotes that with this plant, you can repel mosquitoes with minute effort.”

Lemon balm

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This plant has loads of benefits, including reducing stress and stomach aches, but it’s also perfect for helping to get rid of mosquitos.

Plant it in areas of your garden that you spend a lot of time to really reap the benefits!

Bail can help banish annoying mosquitos


Bail can help banish annoying mosquitosCredit: Getty

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