I work at Goodwill – they tried to make me look less attractive with an ugly uniform but I had the last laugh

A GOODWILL employee claims the store tried to make her look less attractive by forcing her to wear a uniform – but she had the last laugh.

Valerie, who uses the handle @dancervalerie, shared how she made the uniform her own in a recent video.

Valerie shared how she made the uniform her own


Valerie shared how she made the uniform her ownCredit: TIKTOK/dancervalerie
She shared the reveal in a recent video


She shared the reveal in a recent videoCredit: TIKTOK/dancervalerie

“When HR tries to make you look less attractive by reinstating the uniform rule,” Valerie wrote in the on-screen text.

The video starts with Valerie dressed in all black.

But then, she uses a transition to reveal herself in a blue Goodwill shirt.

The shirt has a Goodwill patch on one side, but also has a different patch on the other side.

One side of Valerie’s hair also matches the hue of the blue shirt.

Valerie also accessorized with a necklace and bracelets.

She styled the blue shirt uniform by tucking it into her pants and wearing a belt.

“The baddest b**** at goodwill,” Valerie captioned the video.

Valerie received support in the comments section of her video from people who supported her decision to take the uniform matter into her own hands.

“I love how it matches your hair,” one person wrote.

“icon behavior,” another said.

Valerie’s video has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

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