I tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS – I’m so disappointed, my $11 shapewear does a better job

SKIMS shapewear is no small investment, but it might be worth it to look like founder Kim Kardashian.

However, one new customer said she’ll be sticking with her $11 Nordstrom Rack shapewear because the bargain find outperforms the reality star’s brand.

Fashion fan Brieonna ordered SKIMS shapewear but wasn't impressed with the brand


Fashion fan Brieonna ordered SKIMS shapewear but wasn’t impressed with the brandCredit: TikTok
The snug SKIMS didn't do much to flatten Brieonna's midsection, she said


The snug SKIMS didn’t do much to flatten Brieonna’s midsection, she saidCredit: TikTok

TikTok user Brieonna said that she purchased SKIMS to help smooth out her midsection, and in a video review, she talked about the lack of feedback she’d seen from fellow mid-size women.

“I have a muffin top, as you can tell,” she said, turning to show the camera her torso. “I haven’t seen that many girls with my body type try it on.”

Brieonna ordered SKIMS in a size large, since that’s what she typically buys in other brands. First, she decided to try on the bodysuit, which retails for $62.

“I really wanted to get this and try it on because shapewear literally saves my life,” she confided, before ducking offscreen to slip into the garment.

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Then, she had another confession: “OK, so…I don’t like it,” Brieonna said.

Turning back and forth, she pulled at the dress she wore over the fabric.

“It’s not giving what it’s supposed to give,” she continued.

The bodysuit hugged her sides, giving her a sculpted waist, but didn’t do much for her midsection.

“It just cuts right here and it doesn’t slim everything out how I thought it would,” Brieonna said.

She also purchased the slimming thong for $28. Pulling the panties out of the package, she held them up to the camera.

“Just like the bodysuit, they’re super tiny,” she said.

Willing to give SKIMS another shot, Brieonna tried the thong on and hoped for a better result.

“This makes it stand out even more,” she said, running her hands over her midsection.

Her stomach and sides seemed accentuated underneath the dress she wore.

“My $11 shapewear from Nordstrom Rack does a better job,” she said.

In fact, she brought out the discount shapewear, putting it on to show viewers how well it worked.

“Look at the difference,” she said, showing off her flattened tummy. “You can see it for yourself.”

In the comments section, viewers insisted Brieonna had simply read the size chart incorrectly and should’ve ordered a medium instead of a large.

So, she went back online and ordered another bodysuit.

“I definitely do see a difference,” she said in a follow-up video, adding that it wasn’t just cinching power the tighter SKIMS brought.

“It definitely gives you a lift up here,” she said, gesturing to her chest.

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Still, though, she wasn’t astounded, and said she likely won’t give SKIMS another chance in the future.

“I think you can definitely find a cheaper one that works just as good as this!” Brieonna insisted in a comment.

She pointed out that her waist looked more defined but her stomach did not


She pointed out that her waist looked more defined but her stomach did notCredit: TikTok
Brieonna felt the SKIMS thong accentuated her midsection instead of disguising it


Brieonna felt the SKIMS thong accentuated her midsection instead of disguising itCredit: TikTok

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