EasyJet, BA & WizzAir scrap MORE flights as desperate Brits stranded in Portugal and Spain

EASYJET customers were left stranded in Portugal after they were told there are no flights home for A WEEK.

With more than 80 flights cancelled, Brits have been forced to remain abroad amid the travel nightmare.

Brits have reported being turned away at Faro airport, after EasyJet let them down at the last minute.

Many left their hotels and were left reeling about the fact EasyJet have told them there are no more flights for another week.

Holiday goers have also been cut off from the telephone help line set up by EasyJet to aid customers.

One customer said: “How are we and the rest of the passengers getting home?? No flights to the UK available this week.”

Elsewhere, police were forced to tell exhausted Tui passengers their flight was cancelled after eight-hour delays during the week.

British Airways have slashed more than 120 short-haul flights to and from Heathrow.

More than 30,000 Tui passengers due to fly from Manchester Airport alone over the next month will have their holiday plans crushed too.

Read our TUI cancellations live blog below for the latest updates…

  • Frantic Brits left stranded abroad by flight cancellations 

    THOUSANDS of Brits have been left stranded abroad after their flights were cancelled over the weekend – missing important exams and work.

    Following a week of chaos, many Brits who went abroad had hoped to be back in time for the start of the school term today.

    Mum Emma said her 17-year-old son was facing missing his GCSE exam after his flights back from Disneyland were cancelled.

    She told BBC there was “no guarantee” he would be back in time, being forced to pay for Eurostar tickets after easyJet couldn’t fly him back before Tuesday.

    And dad-of-four Joe said his kids were having to miss three days of school because their return flights from Tenerife were cancelled twice.

    It’s not just kids – teachers have said they are also unable to get home in time for the start of school following half-term holidays today.

    Kelly and her husband, both teachers, said their easyJet flights from Montenegro were cancelled, and couldn’t fly back until Thursday.

  • The strike will end tomorrow at 8pm

    The TFL strike began at 8am this morning.

    As it’s set to last for 24 hrs, the strike across Transport for London will be over tomorrow at 8am.

    There may still be delays to begin with, but should ease throughout the rest of the day.

  • Is this travel mayhem the new normal?

    Many have been caught up in travel chaos in London due to strikes, as well as being stranded without a flight.

    While the powers that be can’t agree on the reasons for the situation, it seems clear it’s due to the pandemic and/or Brexit.

    If this is the case, will it ever get better?

  • If you cancel your flight you get nothing

    The internet is full of advice for travel insurance.

    If you are looking for travel insurance, check if it covers cancellations.

    But note you won’t get any money back if you are the one to cancel your flight.

  • Flight chaos might have you wondering about travel insurance

    Does travel insurance cover cancellations?

    According to Money Supermarket, cancellation insurance covers money lost.

    But not all insurance covers cancellations.

    Check your insurance before you travel!

  • Will the travel industry suffer this Summer?

    Considering the cost-of-living crisis, we might expect the travel industry to try to do better.

    With many families struggling to make ends meet, it may be likely that fewer were planning on travelling abroad this year anyway.

    With the travel chaos showing no sign of letting up, many are considering not flying over the Summer, meaning the industry will lose income they would normally expect at this time of year.

  • 14-year-old almost died after fellow passenger refuses to listen

    On a flight from Antigua to London the teen blacked out.

    A passenger was asked repeatedly to put his packet of peanuts away and refused despite being told there was someone with a severe nut allergy on board.

    Poppy was travelling with her mother, Joanna Jones, when she blacked out and required two epiPen shots and and oxygen to be revived.

    The pilot managed to land at Gatwick before Poppy was rushed to hospital.

    Her mother said of the incident: “

    It was a nightmare for all of us and I really thought she might die. It was really, really frightening and it was all down to a passenger who carried on eating nuts despite at least two announcements not to.

    ‘When we boarded the crew asked passengers not to eat peanuts as my daughter has an allergy but as we took off I saw a man around ten rows in front eating nuts.”

    The 14-year-old when into anaphylaxis when her mum gave her two shots.

    Poppy has returned home and is recovering.

    It’s not clear what has happened with the man eating the nuts who caused the medical emergency.

  • Schools disrupted in the wake of flight madness

    Kids and teachers are stranded abroad.

    Flight cancellations all over Europe are leaving people stranded.

    Many travelled to have a break during the half term holidays, but with teachers unable to fly back, classes are struggling to resume.

    And children, whose studies were disrupted due to the pandemic, continue to miss classes.

    There is still no timeline for when the mess will be sorted.

  • Schapps and Kahn blaming different things for the travel chaos

    The travel secretary and London mayor are disagreeing, once again, about travel.

    Passengers up and down the UK have struggled to fly out of the country, and those who managed to leave are finding it impossible to return.

    A 100 flights were cancelled on Saturday, almost that number were cancelled again yesterday and more are being cancelled today.

    London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, has blame the chaos on Brexit. He has said it led to a mass exit and called on the government to relax immigration rules and allow European workers who were employed in the aviation industry before Brexit.

    Schapps on the other hand says it’s got nothing to do with Brexit, that the aviation industry cut too much and must fix the problem on their own.

    The chaos shows no signs of letting up.

  • Why are there strikes in London today?

    TFL have gone on strike today leaving passengers stranded and struggling to travel across the capital.

    Unions have issued statements saying the strike is due to a ‘dispute over jobs and pensions’.

    This have led to a reduce timetable on some London Underground services and in some places, no service at all.

    It’s causing delays and passengers are being advised to avoid travel if possible.

  • Five tips the travel industry need to implement now

    Travellers have been left angry and frustrated at the state of the travel industry.

    While many have had flights cancelled in and out of the UK, particularly in London, others are reconsidering who to fly with in the Summer.

    Many of these families are travelling abroad for the first time since before the pandemic.

    To avoid a Summer of chaos and frustrated, The Telegraph have suggested tips the aviation industry can do to prevent further disappointment and anger.

    – Reduce queues
    – Solve strike issues
    – Manage cancellations
    – Give more/better information
    – Look after people better

  • Do your research before you travel

    There are delays all over Europe and the UK.

    If you’re planning to travel abroad, check out the foreign travel advice to ensure you’re well prepared.

  • Planning to travel around London today? Don’t bother.

    Strikes lead to travel disruption across the capital today.

    Almost all underground lines are experiencing delays and/or cancellations:
    – Bakerloo
    – Central
    – Circle
    – District
    – Hammersmith and City
    – Jubilee
    – London Overground
    – Northern
    – Piccadilly
    – Victoria
    – Waterloo and City
    All other lines have good service.

    This is having a knock on effect on the bus and train services.

    This is all due to strikes.

  • Easyjet leave more and more fuming and stranded in Europe

    Many families who jetted off for a half term holiday are unable to return to the UK.

    After the pandemic disruption to school, more children are set to miss lessons as school resumes after the half term holidays.

    Passengers are fuming at Easyjet due to the poor customer service and lack of flights both to and from the UK.

  • Too many bags so let’s just sit on the plane for an hour

    Passengers were left wondering what was going on this morning as they waited for almost an hour after boarding.

    Ryanair managed to load too many bags on a plane from Stansted to Copenhagen this morning.

    Passengers were left to question why they were still sat on the plane on the ground almost an hour after boarding.

    When they were finally told what the problem was, the staff still had to continue checking the bags and ensure the plane was safe for travel.

  • Good morning! I’m Ije Teunissen-Oligboh keeping you updated on the latest travel news!

  • Chaos due to aviation sector staff shortages

    The aviation industry is suffering from staff shortages after letting thousands of people go during the coronavirus pandemic.

    On Wednesday, the Government met with senior leaders from the aviation industry including airports, airlines and ground handling companies to help tackle the issues.

  • EasyJet cancelled 80 flights yesterday as chaos continues

    EasyJet cancelled 80 flights on Sunday due to the ongoing challenging operating environment.

    The European airline, in its statement on Sunday, said it was working to help customers rebook flights and find hotels.

    Flight-tracking website FlightAware showed EasyJet canceled 98, or 5%, of its flights. It also showed that 822, or 45% of its flights were delayed.

    Earlier in May, Easyjet had canceled over 200 flights due to airport delays and other restrictions impacting travel during school holidays.

    “Customers are being provided with options to rebook or receive a refund as well as hotel accommodation and meals where required,” it said.

  • Government claims airports are ‘busier than usual’ amid massive flight disruptions

    A Government spokeswoman said airports are “busier than usual” due to “an exceptionally high number of people travelling” this week.

    She continued: “The aviation industry is responsible for making sure they have enough staff to meet demand and we have been clear that they must step up recruitment to make sure disruption is kept to a minimum.

    “In addition, using our post-Brexit freedoms, we have changed the law to provide the sector with more flexibility when training new employees, which will help it to fill vacancies more quickly.

    “We have also worked with Border Force to ensure preparations meet passenger demand.”

  • Everything YOU need to know about flight cancellations

    Britons’ travel plans are being thrown into chaos, and here is some advice on what to do.

    Rory Boland, the Editor of Which? Travel, told The Guardian: “Make sure to book where there is free cancellation, or at least the ability to move the holiday or accommodation booking,” Lots of firms allow you free cancellation or the ability to move the holiday.”

    He added: “I would definitely say that if you don’t have kids of school age [for example], don’t think about going until September. Save yourself the pain. It’s nicer anyway in Europe in September.” You will also get better prices and should have less likelihood of disruption, he adds.

  • Holidaymakers in Majorca warned of extreme delays

    Reports have emerged that tourists in Majorca are experiencing delays of over an hour to get past airport security.

    This comes as airports around Europe, and the UK, have experienced a slew of delays in the past weeks.

    These delays are primarily caused by a lack of staff, an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Gatwick Airport warns travellers to arrive early as delays continue

    Airports across the UK have seen massive disruption over the last weeks, with passengers being left stranded and unable to go on holiday.

    In a hope to end the delays, Gatwick Airport has said: “We recommend you arrive at the airport in plenty of time; that’s at least two hours for European flights and three hours for long-haul.”

    Whether this advice will calm any furious holiday makers remains to be seen, as airports continue to see huge lines and constant cancellations.

  • Brexit not to blame for airport chaos, says government official

    Speaking with the BBC, The Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom, Grant Shapp, made it clear that Brexit has had little impact on the troubles facing airports.

    “If this had anything to do with Brexit, there would not be problems in Europe and elsewhere, so that is not true.

    “The country made its choice, we want a high wage, high skill economy.”

  • Airlines must be ‘cautious’ to not oversell tickets

    The last week as seen calamitous scenes at many UK airports, as holidaymakers struggle to get aboard their pre-booked flights.

    According to The Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom, Grant Shapp, these delays can attributed to the overselling of tickets by airlines.

    “Airlines must be cautious to not oversell flights, and when there are problems they must be solved quickly,” he said.

  • Summer holidays ‘absolutely must not’ be cancelled, says Grant Shapp

    The Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom has been speaking on BBC One this morning, taking questions about the crisis occurring across Britain’s travel industry.

    “We need the industry itself to deliver,” he said.

    “It is very important that flights are not oversold for an example. And we need better compensation for customers.

    “We will work with the industry between now and the summer to make sure we do not see a repeat for this week’s scenes.”

    Shapp attributed much of these failings to airnlines’ cutting of staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    As a result the companies are finding it difficult to recruit new staff.

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