Conor Benn vs Chris van Heerden LIVE RESULTS: Stream, UK start time, TV channel, Billam-Smith KOs McCarthy

CONOR BENN returns to welterweight action TONIGHT as he defends his WBA Continental title against veteran Chris van Heerden.

The Destroyer last fought back in December, wiping out American Chris Algieri in just four rounds.

Benn continues to make his father and legendary boxer Nigel Benn proud by following in his footsteps.

However, the next challenge for Conor is Van Heerden, who is most known for fights with Errol Spence Jr and Jaron Ennis.

  • Start time: 7pm BST
  • Main event start time: 10pm BST
  • Venue: AO Arena, Manchester
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  • Chris Billam-Smith BEAT Tommy McCarthy KO8

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Follow all the action from Manchester with our live blog below…

  • Benn vs Van Heerden – R1

    Round one is underway in Manchester!

  • Ready or not, here I come

    And here’s Conor Benn!

  • Conor Benn vs Chris van Heerden NEXT

    The South African is making his ring-walk…

  • BIG win

    Look at that from CBS..

  • The Gentleman on 15-1

    CBS goes over to McCarthy and checks that his two-fight rival is safe.

    It was a sensational way to settle their grudge.

    McCarthy had moments but he could not escape CBS’ power and took one too many shots.

    Right hands rained down on the Belfast man until he could take no more. CBS retains his Commonwealth and European titles and moves to 15-1.


    Sensational KO from Chris Billam-Smith.

    McCarthy gets pinned on the ropes and utterly pasted.

    Somehow the brave Irishman stood up and absorbed about six heavy flush head shots.

    But eventually he was felled and counted out on the deck.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R7

    McCarthy lands a check left hook that puts him in the driving seat of the round.

    But then CBS lands three right hands that shatter his opponent’s momentum.

    Both men land as the round comes to a close, McCarthy looks the most damaged.

    But CBS is not as dominant as he started off.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R6

    Brave McCarthy lands a couple to claw his way back into the bout.

    But CBS is starting to look too big and strong and fit.

    Even when McCarthy’s best shots land they don’t see him to hurt the Englishman.

    And when CBS closes the distance he can manhandle and bully McCarthy on the ropes. Still all to fight for.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R5

    McCarthy’s corner begs him to jab and move but he is still hurting from the fourth.

    Two CBS left hooks look skull-shattering but McCarthy stays up and keeps slashing back.

    McCarthy goes to the body with two digs but CBS’ ribs are solid.

    McCarthy survives another stanza but the damage must be wearing him down.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R4

    Big round for CBS as McCarthy is almost knocked out. Two minutes into the session a left hook shook McCarthy’s senses and he never fully recovered them.

    A chopping right hand from CBS had the Irishman shaken and and a straighter dig laster crashed into his temple.

    CBS smothers his work and gets too close to McCarthy when he could be finishing him from range.

    McCarthy somehow survives.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R3

    Trainer Shan McGuigan has woke CBS us as he lands a left hook.

    It’s scrappy again until McCarthy cracks a rasping right hand into the Hampshire man’s skull

    McCarthy’s trainer Peter Taylor ends the session looking pleased with his lad.

    It’s close and tight but McCarthy has made the brighter start with cleaner landed shots.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R2

    McCarthy lands a one-two when CBS lowers his guard for the first time.

    And the Irishman connects with the same textbook combination moments later that gets his green crowd cheering.

    Right on the bell McCarthy lands a booming right hand that stiffens CBS’ legs and he falls foward onto his foe but the bell goes to save him.

    McCarthy round.

  • CBS vs McCarthy – R1

    First round is scrappy and rough with both men warned over rabbit punches and head butts.

    CBC does land a left hook that seems flush but McCarthy doesn’t wobble.

    McCarthy is happy on the backfoot as the Bournemouth man walks him down and tries to overpower him.

  • Repeat or revenge?

    Last July Cris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy slugged it out in Eddie Hearn’s Essex garden.

    Bournemouth’s CBS nicked it on a split decision and they rerun the cruiserweight clash tight now.

    McCarthy arrives to James Brown classic, The Big Payback.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R6

    Hatton begins the round with some nice, patient work, landing a few jabs before pinging in the right hand.

    He then goes for a left uppercut off the back of a right hand but Gregores covers up.

    Much has been made of how hard it’s been for Campbell to follow in the footsteps of his dad Ricky, but tonight’s been another improvement for the 21-year-old.

    Gregores tries to land something meaningful in the final 10 seconds but to no avail.

    Shutout for Hatton.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R5

    Campbell’s trainer Matthew Hatton asks his nephew to get the snap back into his punches.

    “Let’s not get ragged,” he adds.

    And Campbell responds in kind, landing a beautiful left to the body.

    “Good shot!” Matthew shouts from the corner.

    Gregores looks like he’s feeling the pace of the fight so far, he’s not throwing as much as he was before.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R4

    More of the same from Hatton, who keeps coming forward and looking for big shots.

    Gregores looks like he’s becoming used to Hatton’s power, however, and is probably going to get through these next few rounds.

    Hatton lands a nice left to the body, but Gregores comes back with a counter of his own.

    Every round to Campbell so far.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R3

    Gregores has another fight in two weeks, so he won’t want to get stopped here.

    But Hatton is landing some big shots. Young Campbell looks hell-bent on getting that stoppage.

    And it would increase his streak to three. Some signs also that Hatton is slightly weary of what’s coming back from the Argentine.

    Regardless, another round banked for Hatton, who finishes the round landing some big right hands.

    Credit: PA
  • Hatton vs Gregores – R2

    A little careless from Hatton to start the round, he likes to come forward but gets caught on the way out.

    Carl Froch notes on commentary that Hatton can’t take those shots once he steps up his level of competition.

    But some good body shots follows in the middle minute of the round.

    Gregores can land a nice counter if he gets there quick enough, however.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R1

    Hatton starts things on the front foot and lands a nice right hand but smothers his work a little quickly.

    Gregores lands a solid jab but Hatton comes back with a body shot.

    Big right hand from Hatton now as he continues to look for hooks to the body. Some great variation from the youngster.

    Good start from legend Ricky’s son.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R1

    And we’re underway!

  • Campbell Hatton is up next…

    The seventh fight of Campbell Hatton’s professional career is on any minute now.

  • Baumgardner wins UD

    All three judges score the snorefest 100-90.

    That was bad.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R10

    Ten rounds in an Baumgardner finally throws a cserious combination.

    Four crisps shot crash into Matthysse and she struggles to cope with the attack.

    But it’s too little too late and the bell ends a disappointing 20 minutes we can never get back.

    Baumgardner UD, 100-90 probably.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R8

    Another lopsided round in the bank for Baumgardner who has put fans to sleep instead of her opponent.

    A real opportunity to boost her profile wasted.

    Matthysse has been a sitting suck but it’s been an excerise in meaningless showboating.

    The same goes for round nine.

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