Capcom Confirms Fans “Seen Things Weren’t Supposed To”

After an extensive list of Street Fighter 6 leaks hit the internet, Capcom has confirmed that fans have seen things that weren’t supposed to have been revealed.

It’s the first time the company and development team have responded since reportedly leaked SF6 content started being shared online.

It came soon after the new Street Fighter game was shown off during Sony’s State of Play streaming event last week. And since then, fans have learnt about 22 possible Street Fighter 6 characters, many of which have not been officially confirmed.

Street Fighter 6 | Teaser Trailer



Street Fighter 6 | Teaser Trailer





Capcom has shared its first statement since a series of leaks revealed a lot of alleged information regarding the launch of Street Fighter 6, including what appears to be a largely complete roster. It should be noted that SF6 is expected to launch sometime in 2023, meaning it’s still a while before it hits shelves.

However, this does indicate that the game is pretty far into its development cycle and that a series of high-profile leaks, while unusual, is entirely possible. Capcom has now gone as far as to acknowledge that leaked details concerning Street Fighter 6 have now shown us “things we weren’t supposed to see”.

The full comment posted on Street Fighter’s social media channels reads: “As residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in this together. We appreciate all the positive reactions. Thank you for the support!”

And below is the Street Fighter 6 roster leak with a list of unconfirmed SF6 characters: Ken, Cammy, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Dee Jay, Rashid, Juri, Ed, Zangief, Dhalsim, Akuma, Lilly, JP, A.K.I, and Mimi.

Meanwhile, these are the Street Fighter characters that have been shown in official footage or information shared online: Chun-Li, Ryu, Jake, Jamie, Li-Fen, Kimberly and Marisa. Here are some of the modes confirmed for the game during its launch in 2023:

World Tour
World Tour is an immersive single-player story mode. This is a completely new experience that defies genre labels. Carve out your own legend on the streets! Look for more news on World Tour in the near future!

Battle Hub
The Battle Hub is the ultimate place for players to seek out friendly rivalries. What can you do in the Battle Hub?

Fighting Ground
Continuing the tradition of being a genre leader, the pinnacle of fighting games can be found in this mode. With a highly evolved combat system, experience the stunning innovation for yourself. All of the modes found in Street Fighter V can now be found in Fighting Ground.

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