Canada trucker protest LIVE – Cops arrest 12 demonstrators and tow vehicles away at border amid warning over Super Bowl

Protesters were reportedly attacked in Canada

Shocking footage captured the moment a driver allegedly plowed into a crowd of Freedom Convoy protesters, injuring four before fleeing the scene.

The 42-year-old was arrested after allegedly driving at speed into demonstrators at the Manitoba Legislature grounds on Friday, February 4, according to Canadian authorities.

“A 42yr old male is facing charges after driving through a group of protesters that were part of the Freedom Convoy at the Legislative grounds,” the Winnipeg Police tweeted on Saturday. “4 adult males were struck.”

The suspect, driving a Jeep Patriot, was chased down by police and arrested after he tried to flee.

“(The vehicle) was moving at a pretty decent clip and it’s pretty miraculous that nobody sustained any serious injuries,” said police spokesperson Rob Carver on Saturday as reported by the Winnipeg Sun.

Three of the injured protesters did not need medical attention, and a fourth was released after being treated at the hospital.

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