BTS Jungkook’s flirty lyrics sets the mood in Benny Blanco’s new track

Benny Blanco’s new track, Bad Decisions ft BTS’ Vocal line and Snoop Dogg, has just dropped, and fans can’t get enough of Jungkook’s starting lines that set the mood for the song.

Followed by the release of Benny Blanco’s Bad Decisions, Jungkook also became a trending topic – not only on Twitter but also on the South Korean platform Melon as the top search. Fans gushed over Jungkook’s vocal prowess and how he’s a ‘starting fairy’.

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Fans can’t get enough of Jungkook’s flirty lyrics in Benny Blanco’s Bad Decisions

Leave it to Jungkook to make a million fans blush with only a few lines and also trend worldwide for hours after a song’s release.

Benny Blanco’s Bad Decisions starts with the singer’s impeccable vocals where he sings: “No makeup on, I love that sh—/ You’re so damn beautiful, I swear you make me sick.”

Followed by the flirty beginning, fans can’t get enough when Jungkook finally sings: “Let’s make some bad decisions. I want you, ooh baby, all of the time.”

Even though it’s only a few lines, Jungkook is now making a million hearts flutter. Here’s how fans reacted.

Speaking of the Euphoria crooner’s voice, a fan praised: “JUNGKOOK’s voice is so versatile and colorful.”

“Jungkook’s voice in Bad Decisions, just wow. He has the most amazing voice in any genre,” a second fan added.

“These 8 seconds of Jungkook’s intro in Bad Decisions already showcase how he plays around with his voice. The way he emphasizes ‘no make-up on’ by squeezing his voice and the way he relaxes it on ‘I love that sh-‘. He makes the song feel alive already,” a fan posted.

Another user summarized the fandom’s feeling by saying:

BTS x Benny Blanco’s Bad Decisions release schedule

BTS x Benny Blanco collab for the song Bad Decisions will also have a special recording sketch video and lyrics video, which will be released from BTS’ YouTube channel.

Here’s a look at the release schedule:

August 6, 1 PM KST: Lyric Video on BTS YouTube channel

August 8, 12 AM KST: Visualizer release

August 16, 7 PM KST: BTS Recording Sketch

Prior to the release of the lyrics video, watch the official music video below.

Stream more Jungkook songs below.

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In other news, Bad Decisions: BTS Jungkook’s flirty lyrics sets the mood in Benny Blanco’s new track

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