Attack on Titan S4 Part 2 episode 6 (81) delayed in Japan for Winter Olympics

Attack on Titan will experience a delay to the scheduled release of season 4 part 2 episode 6 (ep 81) in Japan this week thanks to the Winter Olympics.

Whilst every anime fan is counting down the hours until the next episodes of Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan launches, the wait for the latest instalment can be horrible.

Unfortunately, fans of Attack on Titan will be extra-frustrated by the wait for the next episode, with the series confirming that episode 81 will experience a new delay.

So, why has Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 6 (81) been delayed, when will it now release and how will it likely impact the international streaming launch?

Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2



Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2





The release of Attack on Titan S4 part 2 episode 6 will be delayed

Unfortunately, season 4 part 2 episode 6 (episode 81) of Attack on Titan will experience a slight delay in its domestic broadcast this week.

As confirmed by the series’ official Japanese website,, the broadcast of episode 81 will be delayed by 20 minutes for the Japanese premiere.

The new episode, titled “Thaw”, will now premiere at 12:25 AM JST on the NHK General TV channel in Japan, instead of in its usual 12:05 AM JST programming block on Monday, February 14th.

“Attack on Titan” The Final Season Episode 81 will be broadcast on NHK General TV as a special event.” –

The Japanese website post did not disclose a reason for the delay; however, the 20-minute postponement of the broadcast will be due to the broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

As shared by ComicBook, the Winter Olympics are currently ongoing in China and as part of their broadcast of the games, NHK General TV continues to share coverage of events on their main broadcasting channel.

The coverage of the Winter Olympics this Sunday will push the broadcast of Attack on Titan’s new episode back by only 20-minutes, but how will this affect international streaming partners?

Impacting Attack on Titan’s international streaming

Whilst the broadcast of Attack on Titan will be delayed by only 20-minutes in Japan, many fans are curious as to whether this will affect the release of season 4 part 2 episode 6 such as Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu for fans outside the domestic audience.

At the time of writing, none of the aforementioned international streaming partners have commented on the delay, nor have they revealed changes to the release of episode 81.

The good news is that there is actually a sizeable break in between the domestic broadcast in Japan and the release for international streaming, built into the release of Attack on Titan.

New episodes typically air from 12:05 AM JST in Japan, but they don’t appear on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation until 5:45 AM JST.

This built-in wait between the domestic and international release means that, in the event of a short delay like with episode 81, the streaming launch will likely not be affected.

As shared by ComicBook, “There is no word on how this delay will impact simulcast schedules for Attack on Titan, but fans can expect streaming services to accommodate the shift easily enough.”

Potentially another delay next week to S4 part 2 episode 7

Whilst of Attack on Titan in Japan will be mildly frustrated by the 20-minute delay to episode 81, there is a chance that next week’s episode (82) may also be affected.

The Winter Olympics closing ceremony will take place in China on Sunday, February 20th and will begin at 8 PM China Standard Time (9 PM JST).

Whilst this gives NHK General TV just over a three-hour window to conclude their broadcast before Attack on Titan is set to premiere episode 82.

At the time of writing, NHK General TV has not confirmed the programming block for the following episode of the anime series but again, this will likely not affect the launch for international fans.

The cast comments on Attack on Titan’s global appeal

The English dubbing for Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 is scheduled to premiere this week and the voice cast are revealing why they think the show has such a global appeal.

Speaking to ComicBook, Josh Grelle (Armin) explained how his father is “a traditional freaking cowboy” but that “he loves Attack on Titan. That is the first and only anime, that, not only that he’s gotten into, but that we’ve bonded over.”

Grelle would then on to detail how the anime has developed into a mainstream sensation and that that has itself, brought a new audience to the wonderful world of anime.

“But to know that we’re a part of something that has broken through those walls, essentially, and started bringing more people in, is really freaking cool. It was just, “Yes, finally people see what I’ve been seeing about this genre of visual storytelling since I was a kid and seeing how amazing it could be.” – Josh Grelle, via ComicBook.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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