Apex Legends Mobile pre-register opens – Summer release teased

Apex Legends Mobile is launching this year and Respawn Entertainment has taken another big step towards completing its Summer release schedule.

The good news is that fans can head over to their chosen app store and start the process that will eventually lead to downloading the new app.

Here’s what we know regarding today’s big Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Register announcement for Android and iOS.

Apex Legends Mobile | Pre-Registration Trailer



Apex Legends Mobile | Pre-Registration Trailer





Apex Legends Is Coming To Mobile

While Apex Legends Mobile has been in testing in some regions, Respawn has taken the next step towards its global launch. Today, players around the world can start the process of pre-registering their account to download Apex Legends on their chosen device. Options have been added to both the Google and Apple App Stores and those who sign up will be able to claim some in-game rewards.

The process is simple and you can complete it by heading over to your chosen App Store and pressing the update or pre-register button. As noted above, this won’t provide you with the game, as the full launch is not scheduled until Summer 2022. However, depending on how Respawn chooses to handle the rollout, some regions might get access before others. Unlike Fortnite and Genshin Impact, Apex Legends Mobile is a separate game that doesn’t share crossplay with the base experience.

According to Respawn, the new version of the game includes mobile-first legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progression and live events. This means that everything has been geared towards the mobile experience, rather than fitting into the existing structure. And commenting on the final launch date for Apex Mobile, Respawn shared this update via its FAQ page:

“When you pre-register for Apex Mobile, you’ll be notified when the title is available in your region. At present, we’re hopeful for a full launch this summer. Like the Legends, we’re aware that we’re chasing moving targets. For changes, updates and news as to where we’ll be rolling out next, follow us on @PlayApexMobile. And if you were wondering, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will be included in the global pre-registration.”

In other news, Apex Legends Mobile pre-register opens – Summer release teased

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